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Liam O'Neil

Liam Mountain O’Neill is a professional drummer/music director/engineer. For the better half of a decade, Liam has been spent his time between the stage and the studio, providing the backbeat for many up and coming artists.

My ambition as a drum instructor is to make each lesson fun and effective. I base my lessons around the rate at which each student learns and grows as a musician. I work using both strengths and weaknesses to find out what is needed to help each individual learn efficiently. Whether it’s learning to play with a band, developing a stronger understanding of rhythm and music theory, or simply learning the basics to play your favorite songs, I can “meet” you where you are as a drummer and provide you with the skills and techniques needed to achieve your goals.

I believe that a solid understanding of basic technique and theory can not only enhance your playing but also improve the way you learn and translate musically. I like to spend a few minutes of each lesson working on some of these skills.

Topics include:

  • Stick Technique
  • Basic Theory
  • Different styles and grooves
  • Reading
  • Rudimental drumming
  • Soloing
  • Improvisation

I am happy to accommodate all ages and levels of musicians. I teach out of my private studio in Victor, ID, or over your preferred web chatting platform. Please contact me for availability and prices.