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DJ Bernard Foyer

Solo Artist

Bernard Foyer’s musical journey began in the early 2000s when he learned the basics of music theory playing trombone in his school band. Eventually, the trombone was put on the back burner, while guitar and hand percussion evolved to be instruments of choice.

Playing in bands and among friends, he gravitated towards psychedelic and progressive rock and roll. He attended college in Athens Georgia which, provided a melting pot of music to be explored. Improvisational music became the saving grace for Bernard. He began following bands on tour and dedicated his life to the festival scene. Bernard fell in love with the environment, culture, and lifestyle these musicians and artists were creating and had to be apart of it.

Eventually, he found the underground electronica scene. Psydub and underground trance were some of the first genres of electronic/computer-based music that were introduced. This inevitably led down the rabbit hole to all of the styles and genres Bernard Foyer explores today. In 2017 he touched down in Black Rock City for his first ‘Burning Man’ experience where he fell in love with and learned to respect the art of DJing.

In late 2018, the art of DJ’ing and in-the-box music production came to fruition in Bernard’s home studio ‘The Wooden Nickel’. Gaining traction locally and throughout the internet, there is no stopping in sight for this Dj/producer.

You will commonly find Bernard behind the decks and on the dance floor, at local venues, concerts, festivals, and backwood raves.